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That is not any issue using "Carpet Dye Sticks for Bleach Stains" Liquid carpet dye can only be used on one sort of nylon carpet fiber (There are many different fiber types) Carpet Dye Sticks can be used on each fiber type and on any colour of a carpet stain or on yellowish bleach stains. Ask if a uniformed employee in a lettered company truck will show up to clean your house. This is because carpeting dye sticks are a specially invented hybrid between carpet dye and "Pigment carpet stain", making them somewhat more like paint. There are some Dallas carpet cleaning companies that are really not carpet cleaning companies. Carpet Dye Sticks unique formulation makes them perfect for any carpet stain and for all types of bleach stains. They are only marketing companies.

White Carpet Dye Sticks: Liquid carpet dye does best rated carpet cleaner not come from white; just Carpet Dye Sticks for bleach stains offer a white dye, because we utilize a pigment rug stain for covering bleach stains on carpeting. They market, book the tasks. Our White carpet dye sticks would be for moisturizing and shading a rug stain as well as a spot remover for white rugs. And sub it out to an independent carpet cleaner.

This makes eliminating bleach stains simple and safe. In this situation the true company who books the occupation gets little if any control over the sub contractor entering your home, if a sub contractor breaks or destroys something on your home you may have little recourse. Carpet Dye Sticks are simple and safe. Links: Jeff Lester is a spouse in a Dallas Carpet Cleaning firm: The Steam Team. Implementing liquid dye to bleach stains or to a rug stain can be a difficult thing. The Steam Team is an IICRC certified full service cleaning and catastrophe restoration company located in Austin, TX.

Bleach stains such as any carpet stain in the spill come in all shapes, sizes and shades of colour. Eliminate bleach stains, while cleansing any carpet stain. Much like bleach stains any carpet stain in the spill could be 10 different shades and colors as the spill splashed on the carpeting. Carpet stain cleaning / stain carpet remover, secure & simple. I really don’t understand how a house owner who does not have any equipment nor training with an air brush could expect to apply the ideal amount of liquid dye to the various components and shades of a rug stain or to bleach stains.

Learn how to "do it yourself carpet dye" for carpet stains. Carpet dye sticks on the other hand comes at a convenient marker like program and can be applied straight to the carpet stain or to bleach stains. Problems with home or office carpet stain cleaning solved.

It’s easy to color only the ideal areas of the bleach stains as required to recolor and fit the rug stain to its initial color. Fast and effortless fix for carpeting bleach stains. Any carpet stain such as bleach stains could be dyed with perfect colour match with Carpet Dye Stick while liquid carpet dyes can only be used on one form of fiber and just on one kind of carpet stain and that’s if you have the expertise to apply it just where it’s necessary.

Video shows Bleach stains & carpet stain removal. Carpet dye sticks win by a mile when it comes to ease of use and effectiveness in results, for re-coloring any carpet stain as well as bleach stains on carpeting see our free "Remove bleach stains" video. This Set give you every color we make. For fast easy carpet stain removal utilize carpet dye sticks for bleach stains.

Twenty eight extra large dye sticks from the volume that this set is equivalent to five time our Original Set at half the Price.